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Sana Cotten

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At the age of 4, Sana and her twin brother were removed from the care of their drug-addicted mother and grandmother. It was discovered that Sana had been being molested, abused, contracted an STD, and was sold for drugs. She was placed into foster care where, while in respite care, the molestation continued. Through the years Sana struggled with a myriad of identity issues and traumatic situations including becoming a teen mom and being the victim of a home invasion that required her to be resilient. 

Though these circumstances tried to render her unworthy of living a successful life, she has been able to emerge as a whole woman, unashamed of where she’s been and boldly sharing her story of healing and wholeness. Sana has been called the Harriet Tubman of her generation because she has accepted the call to lead women of all generations, out of bondage, to freedom in Christ Jesus. By the grace of God she has been able to impact hundreds of women all over the country by sharing her personal journey of denouncing shame and becoming her true healed and whole self. 

Sana is the Founder and President of Unashamed, Inc. a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that fosters emotional health in disadvantaged families that have experienced incarceration, foster care, and teen pregnancy. Through various initiatives, Unashamed is equipping families with the tools to dismantle unhealthy generational patterns and transition from surviving to thriving. 

In 2018 Sana created the “The Queens Court Gathering”, a luncheon that shifts the mindset and culture of sisterhood in female relationships by creating an authentic, and empowering atmosphere for Christian female entrepreneurs and ministry servants to connect with each other.

Sana is the host of “Queens Court Live”, a Christian talk show that is dedicated to bringing awareness to the plight of the everyday Christian. 

Sana’s story has been featured in numerous media outlets including Sheen Magazine, EntrepreneuHER Magazine, Voyage Dallas, as well as on Moments of Joy Podcast,, and TBN’s, the 700 Club. 
In 2019 she was named a 100 Women of Color.

Sana is the wife to Joshua E. Cotten and the mother of two beautiful children, Jamir and Janai.