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If you would like to receive additional information regarding the Something 4 the Youth Mentorship program, please contact us at

Something 4 the Youth

Unashamed Inc. is a DCF Credentialed Provider

At Something 4 the Youth, our mission is to provide support, enablement, and restoration to the individuals and families we serve.  We aim to strengthen communities by supporting children and families and forming partnerships with other service providers. 

At Something 4 the Youth, our objective is to offer a continuum of community-based services to address the behavioral health and social awareness needs of children and families in Connecticut. 

We will work together with the referring provider to establish a realistic and achievable goal that emphasizes success, skill development, positive interactions, and more, in the home, school, and community settings. All individuals referred to us will have the opportunity to participate in structured and enriching activities while receiving support and monitoring from our caring and diverse staff.

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