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The Program's Mission

Our mission is to provide a comprehensive, five-week workshop series specifically designed for youth between the ages of 14-21 currently in foster care. Our program aims to fill the guidance, mentoring, and life skill needs of these youth as they transition into adulthood after foster care.

We believe that every young person in foster care has untapped potential, gifts, talents, and abilities that can be discovered and developed, leading to a successful and fulfilling life. Our workshops are designed to assist these youth in recognizing their hidden potential and realizing that their dreams, desires, and purpose are still alive and achievable.

Through our program, we aim to equip these youth with the necessary tools, resources, and support they need to imagine themselves beyond their current struggles and fears. Our goal is to empower them to become the best version of themselves by developing essential life skills that will enable them to navigate the challenges of adulthood.

The workshop topics cover a wide range of crucial life skills:

  • Sex Education and Prevention: Providing comprehensive education and support on sexual health, healthy relationships, and prevention of sexually transmitted infections.

  • Job Search: Assisting youth in developing job search strategies, resume writing, interview skills, and professional etiquette.

  • Educational Support: Providing guidance on accessing educational opportunities, such as scholarships, grants, college applications, and financial aid.

  • Parenting 101: Equipping youth with the knowledge and skills they need to be successful parents in the future, including child development, positive discipline, and navigating parenting resources.

  • Money Management: Teaching financial literacy and budgeting skills to promote responsible financial decision-making.

  • Effective Communication Skills: Helping youth develop strong communication skills, including active listening, assertiveness, conflict resolution, and effective interpersonal communication.

  • Hygiene Education: Providing education on personal hygiene, grooming, and self-care habits for physical and mental well-being.

  • Confidence and Character: Building self-esteem, self-confidence, and positive character traits through activities and exercises that promote personal growth and self-discovery.

  • Storytelling: Encouraging youth to explore their own life stories, narratives, and experiences, empowering them to share their unique perspectives and talents with others.

Through our workshops, we aim to provide a safe and nurturing environment where youth can learn, grow, and connect with mentors who genuinely care about their well-being. We believe that by providing them with the necessary tools, resources, and support, we can help them successfully transition into adulthood and fulfill their potential.

Ultimately, our program envisions a future where each participant leaves with a strong sense of self-worth, resilience, and the ability to face life's challenges with confidence, knowledge, and the skills they need to thrive.

The Imagine Me workshop is a free program available for participants with a limited capacity of 30 attendees in each cohort. The program offers a full-day workshop that includes breakfast and lunch for all participants. The workshops are conducted by qualified professionals who specialize in the fields of education and social services. These professionals have the necessary expertise and experience to provide valuable insights, guidance, and support to the attendees. 

If you are, or know a foster youth between the ages of 13-25 and are interested in attending this workshop,click the link to complete the form.

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