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Middletown woman hopes virtual baby shower will help moms with little means

MIDDLETOWN — Motivational speaker and author Sana L. Cotten hopes the community will believe in her goal of giving two women with few resources a baby shower of their dreams.

In honor of National Adoption Month, her foundation, Unashamed, has partnered with ABC Women’s Center at 180 East Main St. to “adopt” two pregnant women: one, a teen, and the other, a woman who considered abortion, then chose against it.

ABC Women’s Center on East Main Street provides free and confidential pregnancy resources and services to women in the community. The organization provides information on parenting, adoption and abortion, including procedures and associated risks, according to the agency.

Cotten was introduced to the organization a few years ago when she and her husband were expecting a child, and she fell ill. “Unfortunately, we had to have a medically induced abortion. It was either your life or the baby’s life. I was to the point where I almost couldn’t make a choice,” she said.

Consequently, she suffered a great deal of shame. “I am a Christian, and Christians are against abortion. So, for a long time, we told people I had a miscarriage,” she said. It was only recently Cotten felt comfortable enough to begin sharing her story on her blog.

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