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Father's Forging 

Father’s Forging Forward is dedicated to supporting and empowering young fathers, between the ages 16-25 who have children ages 10 and under, who  are reentering society after incarceration. We believe that every father deserves a second chance at life and the opportunity to build positive relationships with their families and communities

The Program's Mission

Our mission is to provide comprehensive services that address the unique needs and challenges of young fathers who have been incarcerated. Through a combination of mentorship, education, and life skills training, we aim to equip these fathers with the tools and support necessary to successfully reintegrate into society and become responsible, caring, and involved parents. We are committed to fostering positive change in the lives of our participants by promoting responsible decision-making, accountability, and personal growth. We provide a non-judgmental and supportive environment where fathers can gain a sense of self-worth, learn effective parenting techniques, and develop the necessary skills to secure stable employment and provide for their families. 

By promoting healthy relationships and encouraging active involvement in their children's lives, we strive to break the cycle of intergenerational incarceration and create a brighter future for young fathers and their families. Our program embraces diversity, promotes inclusivity, and upholds the principles of fairness, respect, and compassion. Together, we aim to empower young fathers, strengthen families, and positively impact our communities by supporting the successful reintegration of young fathers after incarceration.

This community-based program focuses on: 

▪ Increasing young fathers' access to the labor force 
▪ Improving young fathers' financial literacy 
▪ Creating new and strengthen existing support systems for young fathers 
▪ Strengthening the relationships between young fathers and their children 

Participants Receive

▪ Job preparation, placement, and retention support 
▪ Life skills training 
▪ Education support 
▪ Physical and behavioral health services 
▪ Co-parenting workshops 
▪ Child support/custody navigation and legal assistance 
▪ Financial planning 
▪ Fathering and co-parenting skills development 
▪ Networking with other fathers 
▪ Father-child activities 
▪ Attendance and educational progress incentives 
     ▪ Referrals to other services for further financial, medical, legal, housing, and  behavioral health 


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