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Men Deserve to Heal Too!

Unashamed in collaboration with Change the Narrative is excited to announce Parent•SHIP. The Parent•SHIP provides a safe and nurturing space for parents of black and brown teens and young adults to come together, share, and support each other through the unique challenges and experiences they face.  


Through open dialogue, active listening, and empathy, we aim to empower parents with knowledge, resources, and tools to effectively navigate the complexities of raising black and brown children in today's society. We strive to foster a community where parents can find solidarity and strength, celebrating the triumphs and finding solace in the struggles, ultimately ensuring the well-being and success of our future generations.


Let’s just be honest, as your child is transitioning to adulthood - truth is…the parentship also goes through a transition without permission. This period can leave you feeling like you have your back against a wall.

This is a FREE support group that meets every 4th Thursday of each month at 6pm. If you are in NEED this type of support, you can register here:

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